Seasonal highlights of Botswana

The ideal time to travel on a Botswana Mobile Camping Expedition

Botswana’s ‘two seasons’

As a large country – roughly the size of France – Botswana has a great variation in climate which has been divided into the two broad categories of a dry and wet season.

Perfect for families and small groups of up to 6, our Botswana Mobile Camping Expeditions are a totally personalised experience that is the quintessential African safari, showcasing the very best of Botswana’s untamed wilderness in vibrant detail. These set departure itineraries showcase all of Botswana’s iconic destination including Chobe National Park, Savute, Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve and Nxai Pans. They are tailored to best experience the highlights of both seasons, wet or dry.

The following seasonal highlights are a guideline only. They’re subject to a host of unpredictable natural factors. The magic of Botswana’s wilderness spaces lies in their very unpredictability.


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