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Destinations in Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park


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Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park

Boasting one of the world's largest elephant populations, Hwange National Park is blessed with abundant wildlife, including Africa's Big Five, as well as over 100 other mammal species. Vast herds of elephant, buffalo and zebra can be viewed along with predators such as lion, leopard and African wild dog, while the park is also home to a great diversity of antelope, including the beautiful gemsbok and majestic kudu.

Nearly 400 bird species, including many migrants, make Hwange a birdwatcher's paradise. An exceptional variety of landscapes, from desert sands to acacia scrub, hardwood forests and even ancient fossil dunes create a spectacular setting. With relatively few safari lodges, this prime game viewing destination offers a remote and rewarding experience of untouched Africa. 

  • Exceptional numbers of elephant
  • Prime game viewing destination
  • Outstanding birdwatching opportunities
  • Man-made waterholes for game viewing during the dry season
  • Remote and secluded safari away from the crowds

Hwange National Park

Why Victoria Falls?
  • A number of ancient ruined cities, like Great Zimbabwe, have survived from the Monomotapa Empire
  • Hwange National Park has an enormous variety and density of game. It is especially known for its huge elephant herds and predator sightings
  • Three other World Heritage Sites: Mana Pools National Park, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and the Khame Ruins