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Accommodation in Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

Current Temp: Thursday, 24 Apr 2014



Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb

The roof of Africa

  • Six "pit stops" along the hiking route offering comfortable accommodation
  • Shira Plateau
  • Barranco Valley
  • Views of the West Breach and the southern glacier
  • Uhuru peak - to watch the sunrise from the "rooftop of Africa"

This truly unique adventure allows guests to hike to the “Roof of Africa” and experience its awe-inspiring beauty while enjoying a bewildering sense of achievement. Ascending Kilimanjaro is best enjoyed over a seven-day period to acclimatise to the mountain’s 19 340 foot (5 895 metre) gradient and fully appreciate the many breathtaking habitats along its winding trails.  

This journey begins in Arusha, where guests will be briefed on their hike before heading to Machame - the gateway to their Kilimanjaro experience. Guests will enjoy an evening at six pit stops along the way.

These include Machame Hut, Shira Hut, Barranco Hut, Karanga Camp, Barafu Camp and, lastly, Mweka Camp - at the summit of the mountain. Walking along an assortment of trails, guests will put their hiking skills to the test as they pass through one pristine landscape to the next. From lush forests, valleys and river gorges to the beautiful moorlands of the Shira Plateau and ice-blue glaciers - the diversity is spectacular!