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Banjaar Tola Tented Camp

Overlooking the lush forests and grassy meadows of Kanha National Park, at Banjaar Tola Tented Camp you are one with the environment.

Just 18 lightweight tented suites are spread out along the riverbank and into the sal forest. Contemporary, flowing shapes, canvas walls and roofs, and immense glass doors that let in the Indian jungle create an atmosphere that is light and ethereal.

In the silence of the night, listen to the jungle sounds floating across the river from the comfort of your tented suite.
Admire stunning river views from the privacy of your own veranda or share the experiences of the day on dramatic decks facing the Banjaar River.

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About the Lodge

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Why Visit

  • Overlooks Kanha National Park, one of India's largest reserves
  • Track the majestic tiger, as well as the endangered hardwater barasingha, or swamp deer
  • On the banks of the Banjaar River
  • Ethereal tented camp with light footprint


Summer (March-May)
Daytime temperatures above 40˚C / 104˚F

Winter (June-October)
Night-time temperature rarely drops below 11˚C / 51˚F

Fast Facts

  • Best time to travelAll year round
  • Recommended for ChildrenChildren are welcome; for safety reasons, children 5 years and younger cannot participate in the regular game drives.
  • Guest SafetyThe lodge is not fenced off and we request guests be extremely vigilant at all times.
  • Lodge AmenitiesTwo intimate camps with 9 tented suites each, Lodge swimming pool, Interactive kitchen, Spectacular riverside location,  Safari Shop,  In-room massage
  • LanguagesHindi Language, English Language
  • WildlifeTiger, jackal, wild pig, black buck,striped hyena, leopard, mouse - deer, chinkara, ant-eating pangolin and three-striped palm squirrel.
  • CurrencyIndian Rupee
  • Capacity18 suites, 16 guests 

Recommended Tours

Learn More about Banjaar Tola Tented Camp
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    At Banjaar Tola Tented Camp, the days are designed to thrill you with unexpected jungle encounters and the fragrant Indian nights.

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    Pashan Garh is stony and rough hewn, with white marble and leather furniture to soften its stark lines.

  • banjaar-tola-tented-camp-service1.jpg

    The innate courtesy and warm hospitality of the people of India shines through at all our lodges and camps.

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